Posted by: ceara08 | February 19, 2008

Seed inventory

There’s still several feet of snow outside which gives lots of time to browse through seed catalogs. Well, I would look through seed catalogs if I had enough. Spent the past few days searching and browsing several websites. I only order through the companies that allow online ordering with credit cards. Too much of a pain in the arse to write checks and go to the post office. Difficult to get the car out anyway, with a driveway that’s like a skating rink. I’d rather stay at home. lol
A couple of weeks ago I went through the seed box and organized it, threw out some empty packets and and made a list of what we wanted to order.

This year, I’m adding non-GMO, organic seeds to the seed inventory. Not all seeds are certified organic, but some are organic and some are both heirloom and organic. Going to slowly make the transition to organic gardening and that starts with organic seeds, preferably ones that have been grown in Canada already.

Here’s the final list of what we will grow:

Whopper Improved pepper
Blushing Beauty pepper
Orange Sun pepper

Cos Romaine lettuce
Mesclun baby leaf lettuce
Spicy mix baby leaf lettuce
Mignotte Bronze lettuce

French Breakfast radish

Spring pea
Tall Telephone pea

Blue lake green pole bean

Napoli carrot
Sweetness II carrot

Classica paste tomato
San Marzano paste tomato
Italian Gold yellow paste tomato
Blanche du Quebec white salad tomato
Mortgage Lifter tomato
Purple Prince tomato
Brandywine tomato

Pak Choi
Chinese cabbage

Perpetual Swiss Chard
Silverado Swiss Chard
Rainbow chard

Winterbor Kale

Green Magic spinach

Muncher cucumber
Calypso cucumber

Ambition shallots
Wild leeks (start seeds only – they will take several years to grow)

Bianca di Trieste summer squash

Sweet Basil
Garlic chives

Well I think that about does it. Was planning on some more parsley, but forgot to order. Maybe they’ll have some in town at one of the shops. The local dollar store usually carries seeds from Canada (at least according to the package), 3 packs for $1. Have had good luck with some of those, like the pole beans and zucchini in the past. But the only bad thing about that (other than the price) is that you never really know where the seeds originated and whether they are GMO or not.


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