Posted by: ceara08 | February 23, 2008

Adding to the seed inventory

Well, hubby has decided we need more seeds.  So we ordered a few more types of veggies.  Hopefully they will be in the mail today.  Also today I hope to sow some baby lettuce and other greens to grow in the house and harvest early salad stuff within a month.

Early Dividend Broccoli
Parel Cabbage
Forest Green Parsley
Summer Savory
Corn Salad
Roma VF tomato (paste)
White Vienna Kohlrabi
Rocket (arugula)
Connecticut Field Pumpkin (pumpkin is very good for digestion, we often give it to the dogs)
Straight Neck Squash (summer yellow squash)
Early Butternut Squash

How do we have room for all this stuff?  Well we have 100 acres, but only a teeny tiny amount of the land is being used for growing.  We have a homemade 12 ft x 24 ft greenhouse, several flower beds out front, a strawberry patch, and will be digging new beds this year.  Going to be trying the “Three Sisters” planting plan, which consists of Corn, pole beans and squash.  That’s going in the old vegetable garden in the field, along with new plantings of Jerusalem Artichoke.

I also plan on doing a totally different type of compost heap.  Hubby’s brother-in-law made us a compost bin, but it’s way too airy to be effective, and I always have to keep adding water.  There is a bit of completed compost on the bottom, but really it’s not a good system.  It’s barely large enough to hold all the garden waste.  So I’m going to skip the bin altogether and just make a pile and cover it with black plastic, turn it and water it as needed.  Hopefully by midsummer I’ll have some decent compost to add back to the soil in all the beds.

We’re frozen and hibernating under about 5 feet of snow outside, plus it’s bitter cold.  I won’t be able to confirm my plans concerning the growing season until I can see dirt outside instead of snow.

Our puppy Sheeba has never even seen dirt or grass.  She was born November 14th and has only experienced snow.  She’s a sweet little thing, and soon we will have videos!  We have ordered a Canon DC210 DVD camcorder.  Hopefully it will arrive soon.   All the better to document the gardens, the dogs and all the stuff that goes on in the country life.


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