Posted by: ceara08 | February 26, 2008

First seeds have been sown

Well I finally have some seeds started.

The wild leek seeds have arrived. I ordered two packs, but only one pack was started at this time. What am I waiting on for the other half? I do not know. The leek seeds are in some all purpose potting soil that we purchased today and are sitting inside the refrigerator. The containers once had cottage cheese and ricotta cheese, but those ingredients went into the lasagna the other night. lol The leek seeds will stay in there for three months, then I’ll put them into a warm area for another three months. If no germination occurs, they will go through the cold/warm treatment until germination, which could take between 3 or 4 complete cycles to germinate. Wow that’s a long time. I still want some live specimens if at all possible.

The other seeds were started in lettuce containers. We got some romaine lettuce at the store a few weeks ago and it came in a nice clear plastic container with a lid. There are three total. So I washed those out, sterilized and filled with potting soil and planted two types of baby leaf lettuce, some Cos romaine, a few carrots, spinach and golden beet root. The French Breakfast radish will be started later as well, but those only take 20 days whereas the lettuces will be ready at around 30 days.

Once the true leaves begin to emerge, the seedlings will be moved into plastic window boxes that we call troughs. I’ll post some pics when the action starts. So hopefully within a month we’ll be eating some fresh greens!


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