Posted by: ceara08 | March 4, 2008

Baby Lettuce starting to emerge

Out of the seeds I started on February 26, most are germinating, but only the Mesclun baby leaf lettuces have started to send out their seed leaves.

Image is a bit blurry though. I wondered why all the latest pictures were blurry. Then I saw the lens. How that lens got dirty I have no idea. It’s clean now, but will wait to take more pictures after the other veggies decide to send up their seed leaves.

These are baby leaf lettuce Mesclun mix and Spicy mix lettuce from Veseys. (Can I get a credit line going at Veseys if people buy their seeds after I showcase them? hehe) Should be ready to eat by the end of March! yum yum Gotta find my salad dressing recipes and get ready. lol

This is just the first sowing! More to come in a few days. Gotta keep a steady supply of greens going. It helps to take the winter blues away.

Today I’m starting some French Breakfast Radish. Never grew them before! It will be fun to watch them sprout and form their little roots.

Mesclun baby leaf lettuce


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