Posted by: ceara08 | March 5, 2008

Snow, snow go away!

*sigh*What did that darn groundhog see anyway? Did he even venture out to check the weather or did he say screw it and stay inside his house?

I’ll go out and take some new pictures today.

Had a huge storm a couple of days ago and it must have dumped around 3 feet of powder. A snow skier’s dream but a gardener’s nightmare. The snow from the roof fell onto the front porch roof, which then dumped off in front of the two windows at the front of the main section of the house. One window was completely covered and the other one was not far behind in snow cover. Yesterday I decided I was mad enough to try and remove some of the snow from the windows. I got one window uncovered and made my way to the other side, only to discover it was a HUGE pile. I was so mad that I forgot to take a picture before starting snow removal from the window. It got to the point where my best friend was an axe and I hacked away at ice for a couple of hours. Sore muscles, lack of energy and my husband’s beating against the window telling me I should go inside finally convinced me that I had enough work for the day.

Waiting for me inside was a nice hot cup of tea, and a sandwich. My hubby can be an angel when he wants, and a devil the rest of the time. A true Gemini. lol

Here’s the nice view from the window next to my computer desk. Lovely isn’t it?  That shadow is the snow!!  Say a prayer for the Norfolk Island pine tree, and that I can find a better place for it to get some light – and soon!

Gotta run! Need to clear snow from the car so we can drive into town and pick up the newest Vesey’s seed order from the post office.


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