Posted by: ceara08 | March 6, 2008

Got the new seeds!

St. Patrick's Day countdown banner

Spring countdown banner

Easter countdown banner

Finally made it to the post office yesterday to pick up the latest seed order. Although hubby says we have enough and I cannot order any more, I’m very very tempted to get a few things. It’s a lot of fun getting new seed catalogs in the mail, but sometimes it can cause trouble because when you browse the new catalogs you say ooh aah, I want that. LOL!!

Going to start some of the new seeds today. I’ve never grown these before, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. We have Corn Salad and Mizuna, an oriental leafy green that’s supposed to be mild. It’s all part of our end-of-winter homegrown salad stuff.

Not more than 48 hours ago, I sowed French Breakfast Radish. They’ve already germinated, sending the tap root down with lots of fuzzies, and the seed leaves are starting to emerge. WOW is that ever fast. I wish ALL veggies and flowers would germinate so fast.


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