Posted by: ceara08 | March 7, 2008

Dig for Victory

For some strange reason, I’ve developed an urge to research how people lived during WW1 and WW2. What they ate, how they lived, and things they did to pass the time.

And not intending to be all doom and gloom, I still feel there’s something in our near future, where things are going to get much more difficult for those of us used to modern lifestyles with electricity, entertainment, and lots of food around.

I sense food shortages are not far off, or that the people will be unable to afford to purchase food. Another possibility is that fuel prices will be too high, or supplies will be limited. Which means less goods to purchase at the stores. Vegetarians probably won’t suffer much because they prefer to eat fresh, natural vegetables and naturally stay away from processed food.

It’s very, VERY important that everyone try to learn how to do basic things. Things like make soap, weave baskets, hunting, husbandry and growing vegetables. Also growing grains and grasses – all without modern machinery. Flax can be used for making linen. But also rabbits, goats or sheep can provide additional material for making clothing. If you don’t know how to cook from scratch, start reading and trying new recipes at home instead of going out to a restaurant or picking up premade junk food. Better off learning how to make do sooner rather than later. Then when things get bad, you won’t be so shocked and will fare better than those who freak out because they absolutely have no idea how to exist without being supplied. It probably wouldn’t hurt to make friends with someone who can identify wild plants that are edible, or that can be used for other purposes. Like the soapwort plant. They still use it in Europe to clean tapestries and other antique or rare fabric items because it’s so gentle.

Just for fun try to imagine a rich or famous person. They are used to the high life, going to parties, wearing fancy clothes, eating expensive food, and having servants at beck and call. Now mentally imagine the same person left out in the wilderness. Do you think he/she would be able to survive long?

I am not a vegetarian at this point, but it would probably be good to get used to the idea. Be prepared to go without eggs, or milk. Calcium and protein isn’t a problem with vegetables, for lots of dark leafy greens contain calcium, and legumes or certain grains like oats contain protein. Fats and oils might be in short supply though.

We’re thinking of raising rabbits for meat also. I have a lot to learn. Hubby will prepare the meat, but I’ll probably be the one to feed and clean up after them. Rabbits will provide manure for the compost bin, and feed the dogs. Not too sure I could eat rabbit after caring for bunnies, but am not against raising them to feed the dogs. It would be much healthier than the bagged junk pet food from the store that most people feed their pets.

Seeds will also become very valuable and might even replace money in a way or used for bartering. Stock up now. Forget flower seeds (unless it’s a medicinal plant). You will want seeds of plants that will grow quickly and are nutritious. Plants that require long growing seasons would be secondary in my opinion. But I guess that would all depend on where the plants are being grown. In some areas, multiple crops are possible due to lack of hard frost or deep snow.

Learn how to save seeds from the things you grow.

The reader may ask, well what if I have no land to grow things on? If another war is imminent, then people usually band together and work for the good of their neighbors and loved ones (ideally). Just about any available patch of dirt can be used. Dig up lawns, tear out flower beds, turn abandoned lots into vegetable beds.

I hope I’m wrong about another war. I’ve never seen war up close and would prefer not to. But I’d rather be safe than sorry and learn as much as possible now while information is still easily available on the internet and in books. It can be fun to learn new skills and gain an appreciation for our elders. Who knows, you might find a new enjoyable hobby and could save some money!

So, let’s dig for victory! Not victory for countries or governments, but for ourselves. Let’s learn how to be self sustainable. Like the old saying, if life throws you lemons, make lemonade!


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