Posted by: ceara08 | January 15, 2009

Are British better gardeners?

I wonder, are British people better gardeners?

Maybe it’s because that’s all I’m exposed to these days.  I love watching BBC gardening shows, thanks to the glory of the internet.  Without the internet I probably would never have seen those shows.  BBC should be airing those worldwide!

I’ve learned so much from those shows, even though British climate is nothing compared to our very cold and snowy  Zone 4.

Thanks to guys like Monty Don and Carol Klein, I’ve learned how to properly start seeds, how to make compost and how to propagate flowers!

One plant I’d really love to have, but just cannot find in N American seed supply catalogs, is Eryngium.  I’m talking about the Blue Sea Holly.  Not the silver one, not the aloe leaf one, but the bright blue winter hardy Blue Sea Holly.  *sigh*  I guess it’s not a popular plant in N America.

American gardeners tend to plant only what is fashionable at the time.  What a shame.  There are so many other nice plants available all around the world.  I’ve got my request listed in a few places online but there are no nibbles, offers or links to companies that carry the seed I want.  I’m finding it hard to believe that no one grows this plant in their gardens in N America.  The people that do are probably the ones who still don’t own a computer, let alone browse the web.

But I keep seeing the Sea Holly on British gardening television shows!  Heck it’s even in Pride and Prejudice (1995) with Colin Firth.  The Sea Holly is in the scene where Lizzy is arranging flowers in a vase when Mr. Collins is overheard to ask Mrs. Bennet for the opportunity to speak to Lizzy alone so he can propose marriage.  Lizzy fiddles with the flowers in the vase while Mr. Collins rattles on and on.

Sea Holly

Sea Holly

Blue Sea Holly

Blue Sea Holly

Now isn’t that a funky and neat flower?  Come on people, let’s share seeds!!!


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