Posted by: ceara08 | January 15, 2009

Long time no posting – An update

Wow it’s been a long time since I ever logged on here!  I am so ashamed.  But, at least I was busy during my absence.

What’s new?  Tons.

1.  My puppy is now a little over 1 year old.  I spent much of last year training her and spending time with both my dogs.  Even the older female needed some training because she only lived outdoors 24/7 before she came to live with us.  She had to learn how to be an indoor dog and how not to run away when trusted off leash outdoors.

House training the puppy took FOREVER it seemed.  She didn’t “get” the idea not to pee and poop in the house until she was 6 months old.  The older dog didn’t have any issues with pee/poop in the house but did have a few accidents, which I attribute to her adjusting to a new home with a new human family.

The dogs and I spent many many happy hours this past autumn (2008) out in the woods and fields behind the house.  We went mushroom hunting!   I gained a lot more physical stamina, and did a bit of running on some of the steep hills.   Didn’t see much wildlife though.  Supposedly a group of coyotes had moved into the area and was killing everything.  Maybe once their food sources dwindle they will move on and hopefully the partridges and hares will return.   I heard rumor that some people are shooting the coyotes on sight, but don’t have any proof on that rumor yet.

2.  Gardening for 2008 was pretty much a flop.  Many things contributed to the overall failure.  Yes there were some nice meals that came from the gardens but not near enough as we should have had.

The weather was too cool most of the growing season.  We didn’t get that much sun, but we sure got lots of cold rain!  Global Warming my ass!!

We harvested about 4 paper grocery sacks of tomatoes.  That gave us two large pots of pasta sauce.  Got about 1 saucepan full of peas.  Totally forgot to plant extra peas or beans.  Had zero beans growing last year.

Tried growing cabbage for the first time.  I harvested three heads out of three plants so that wasn’t too bad.  They were small cabbages.  We bought the seeds knowing they would be small.  Name was Parel cabbage from Veseys.  I plant on growing some more this next season, enough to have at least 1 cabbage a month.  I love eating that stuff.  It goes great in a coleslaw either for a side dish or as a topping for hot dogs with lots of cayenne pepper sprinkled on top!  I also tried sauteing the sliced cabbage in some butter with onions, garlic and black pepper.  It was sooo tasty!  And good for us too.

Also grew Swiss Chard and some yellow beet for the first time ever.  The chard was ever so pretty, with the yellow leaf stalks.   I wanted the red and pink types as well, as I bought the Bright Lights chard heirloom seed pack.  I guess luck of the draw that we ended up with only the yellow.  I didn’t like the beet tops at all and found them too bitter.  But the actual beet roots were pretty sweet.  I only wish they grew larger.

Had two rows of spinach!  Harvested enough spinach to make a giant batch of spinach and ricotta cheese cannelloni.  The rest went into salads and such.

A few summer squash as well.  Never plant too many summer squash/courgette plants because you will be over run with zucchinis!

The flower gardens didn’t do as well as I wished this year.  The lilies performed beautifully as always.  I had to dig up and separate a chunk of purple Iris and toss a whole wheelbarrow load full of Sweet Williams that had overseeded and almost crowded out a whole bed.  Some people may love Sweet Williams, but I’ve come to not like them very much at all.   But I do admire them because every spring when the snow melts I find the Sweet Williams leaves and stalks to still be green and growing underneath the snow.  That’s one tough plant.

I ordered some new Monarda plants.  Now have purple and pink to go with all the red.  The hummingbirds will adore me.  hehe

Well that’s bascially all the news I have that I’m able to share publicly.  Had some family illnesses in 2008 and my maternal grandmother died at age 96 just before Christmas.

I’ll try to be a better blogger for 2009.



  1. Try Don Sullivan’s dog training package next time – it sure worked for me! Visit me at and read my latest post for a few laughs.

    • Thanks but my girls are trained and I did it on my own, thanks to a book about the Canine Good Neighbor program. Maybe one day I’ll get them certified at an official test. But would have to drive a few hours to get to the nearest testing site. What my puppy (well, no longer a puppy really) needs is some professional training for field hunting and retrieval. She has the brains for it for sure but I don’t have the knowledge to train her in specialty stuff, nor do I have the money to pay a trainer.

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