Posted by: ceara08 | February 9, 2009

The Elusive Eryngium

Well I’m STILL looking for this plant. *sigh*   Seriously, I can’t believe this wonderful blue Sea Holly isn’t more widely grown in Canada.   Some types of Eryngium are hardy to Zone 2 for crying out loud!

I did find one person who said she would be willing to send me some seeds if I sent the postage.   So that’s something.   But it’s not enough.   I will need at least two more sources before I can say the search has been successful.

I’ve done a lot of seed trading over the past few years and while some seed is good, most of the time it’s not.   Either the seed is too old and doesn’t germinate or is the wrong type altogether.

I have posted on GardenWeb, Daves Garden and other places.  I’ve searched blogs and wrote emails begging for people to share their seed.  The most recent reply I received said that their Sea Holly died and they don’t have any more.

Yes I am well aware that a certain East coast Canadian seed company has Eryngium listed.  But it’s almost $10.  And anyone who’s ordered live plants, roots or bulbs from that company has been disappointed.   Well at least the majority of people I talk to and read online say that.  But from my own experience, several items were either Dead On Arrival or shortly thereafter because it was just too darn small to really be able to do anything.  Except for their lily bulbs… those weren’t too terribly bad. On a side note, thankfully I ordered their 20 Lily bulb package a few years back when the price for the 20 was only 20.  Now it’s close to 50 bucks for the same package.

But still… to give in and order something from a company that I know will probably die once it arrives and then I have to call yet again to ask for a refund because the product was cruddy.  I can’t do it.

So, I’m begging.. PLEADING.  Please people, there’s GOT to be others out there in Canada that grow this plant.

Ok so I sound pretty pitiful right about now.  *laughs*  But hey I’ve been searching for seeds of the blue Eryngium for almost three years now.  So I’m throwing an adult temper tantrum.  I’ve been patient long enough.

Any Brits out there that want to contribute some Eryngium seed?  At least I know it’s more popular there than here.  Well, it’s worth a shot anyway.

I’m about to give up for this year and try again in the fall for some fresh seed if possible.  If I don’t get my hands on some seed soon there won’t be any use trying to grow it out later.  Eryngium supposedly is picky with germination and it can take a while and may need cold stratification.  With all the snow and ice outside there now, this is the prime time to winter sow some Eryngium and let nature take care of the cold stratification.

Who knows maybe I can finally germinate those wild leek seeds now too.  Time to find some potting soil somewhere and do some winter sowing!


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