Posted by: ceara08 | March 19, 2009

Got Eryngium seeds finally!

Well I’m a lot happier now that I obtained some Eryngium seeds.

Found someone on GardenWeb that was willing to send me a few via a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope).  I received two varieties of Eryngium.  Plain Sea Holly and Eryngium varifolium.  I don’t know if the plain labeled Sea Holly is a E. planum or some other type.

Going to be placing these babies in some cold stratification today in the unheated south facing enclosed sun porch and hope for the best.

Currently out in the sun porch, there are some Delphiniums (from a trade and half a commercial pack) and Wild Leek seeds (from Gardens North) having their cold/winter stratification treatment.  We’re still experiencing -12 C nights, but this afternoon we are having a heat wave at plus 8 C.  haha  That won’t last long, however, and we’ll be back into some nipply weather tonight and will need another fire going to stay toasty warm.

This year thus far has been very good in the seed trading communities.  I’ve tried without success in getting locals to form a gardening club of sorts.  Received zero replies after posting it on a local message board.  Perhaps I did it too early and no one else except me was thinking about the coming gardening season.  I wrote a guy asking if he would like help in growing out some varieties to put back into his seed bank and he agreed!

Had some friends visit this last weekend and I was happy to pawn off a bunch of seeds that I had collected last year.  People on the gardening forums were not wanting to trade with what I had, so I thought it best to just hand them out to the needy and to those who want to have a garden for the first time this year.   No sense in having seeds sit around in the seed box accumulating and not being grown.  Seeds are no good if they aren’t grown and multiplied.

Will take some photos of the wonderful seeds I received in trade and post them before they are sown in some seed mix.  I have three plastic shoe boxes full of toilet paper cardboard tubes and cut up paper towel tubes.   There I will pre-sow some heirloom tall peas and pole beans.  When they are ready to plant outdoors I will sow more seeds to create a successive crop.   I don’t want any “dwarf” varieties of vegetables.  That’s just silly in my opinion.  We have 100 acres and there’s no reason why I can’t grow regular sized vegetables.  Plus the pole beans and peas are really fun to grow and much easier to pick because you don’t have to bend over the whole time and can pick standing up.

There is still one more person that is supposed to be sending me some heirloom wild leeks from Europe and some true potato seeds along with some heirloom potato tubers.  I can’t wait to trial those!  Tick Tock, Canadian Mike!  Spring will be here soon.  *wink*  Gimme those TPS!!


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