Posted by: ceara08 | March 20, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring countdown banner

Spring is here!

Well, at least it is Spring on the calendar anyway. Everywhere I look outside in this cold Zone 4 Hardiness Zone is snow, snow and more snow. Oh yeah, and some ice. Our gravel/dirt driveway is part nature-made skating rink and part muddy ground. I’d rather see a lot more mud than snow and ice!

Last night I first read about the new vegetable garden to be installed at the White House. Oh I was excited for sure, knowing that so many people will be inspired (if not already, due to the bad economy) to also start their own vegetable gardens.

Then, I started thinking.

When will this ground breaking take place? March 20th.
What day is that? Oh, Friday!
Why start digging now, or in a couple of weeks? Because it’s the Spring Equinox and the PTB (Powers That Be) just LOVE the Spring Equinox. Well actually they love just about everything to do with the esoteric. Esoteric just means hidden. So in this case there are hidden, non-obvious meanings regarding certain natural and calendar events. For those that don’t believe in the Esoteric stuff, research why D.C. is designed and laid out in geometric patterns, with specific places pointing towards the rising sun, etc. The Egyptians did it with the Sphinx.

What does that mean to the everyday American? Not much. But anyone who has studied esoteric vs exoteric texts will understand the significance of this chosen date to start a new garden.

Ostara, the Germanic fertility Goddess was associated with human and crop fertility. On the spring equinox, she mated with the solar god and conceived a child that would be born 9 months later on DEC-21: Yule, the winter solstice.

Spring – Crystalinks

I can hear the collective thoughts now. “What’s the big deal?”

The big deal is, the PTB hardly makes a move with anything unless it’s astrologically aligned.

According to Plant Hardiness Zone charts, the D.C. area’s last average frost date is late April, with guaranteed frost free by mid to late May. For that area, now is the ideal time to start digging a new garden plot. Between now and planting time, they will have enough time to remove sod, build raised beds, erect any garden structures and set up a watering system.

Out of all the crops they’ve chosen to plant, only a couple of plants take longer, such as the Rhubarb. The rest of the plants chosen can all be sown directly into the ground with no need to start early. Washington is in a good area for growing stuff, because they can get successive crops.

They want to grow:


Where’s the pumpkins? Something is wrong if there are two little girls living in the White House and they are not growing any pumpkins to carve this autumn.

Strawberries? Not much mention of fruit trees and shrubs there in the published garden layout. Also missing are shallots, garlic, potatoes, turnip, kohlrabi, sweet potato vine, tomatoes, head/savoy cabbages, and beans. Can’t have a proper garden without beans! *wink* Runner beans would be best since they are heavy producers and one of the best crops for growing extras to share with the needy.

They need to build a wigwam/tepee of beans and tall peas for the girls. Kids love that kind of stuff. Forget bush beans and peas. Who wants to spend several hours bending over picking produce when you can reach the pods comfortably whilst standing?

Anyway, I don’t really see a need for them to start seeds in advance in a greenhouse when most of the chosen plants can be sown directly. But then again if local children will be involved then it would be easier for children to put in baby plant plugs instead of tiny seeds. Also most of the lettuce and leafy green crops are “cut and come again” so there doesn’t need to be that many successive sowings. And that layout is more for early season stuff. They won’t be able to grow some of the greens there when it gets really hot in D.C. The lettuces will bolt, turn sour and seed. And where’s the compost pile/bin? I seriously doubt they will use a plain ‘ol pile and the tax payer will probably have to shell out money to purchase a composting system, if one doesn’t already exist.

Well it’s a start anyway, this Whitehouse garden. I just worry that it’s a publicity stunt instead of promoting real “Change.” Critical mass change won’t occur until there is more than half the population growing something, whether it’s just a dwarf tomato in a hanging pot or some Basil growing in a kitchen window.


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