Posted by: ceara08 | March 22, 2009

Save the Easter Lily (reprised)

Easter countdown banner

Well it’s that time of year again! Easter is on its way!

Easter always comes on the first Sunday after the full moon after the Spring Equinox. Some crazy calendar-wrangling there! But it’s true.

Here’s my previous post

“Save the Easter Lily”

I cannot stress how important this is to me. Yeah yeah you’re all thinking I’m nuts. Go right ahead.

But think about it! At least do that. Spend a few minutes pondering what I’m about to say.

We live in an economic crisis these days. People are out of a job, can’t pay the bills and are struggling to feed themselves, let alone house themselves. And here we are yet again in the season where millions of plants are forced-grown to supply flower delivery companies with stock to make arrangements and sell. Churches are loaded with Easter Lilies usually, and even some businesses. It’s such a waste really.

And after the flower has bloomed, what happens? The whole plant, pot and all, gets tossed into the garbage. What a shame… makes me cry to think about it.

The plastic pots could be saved and reused by gardeners. The bulbs can be replanted in just about any patch of ground (provided it’s not swampy. Lilies don’t like having wet feet, so make sure they are planted in well drained conditions.)

If you don’t have a patch of land of your own, then turn into a Guerrilla Gardener!! There really is a group of people out there doing just that, gardening on land that doesn’t belong to them. They plant beautiful plants on roadsides, abandoned plots and all sorts of places, especially in large cities. They are volunteers. They use their own money and time to create something beautiful to share with everyone and never ask for anything in return.

Visit their site. Lots of before/after photos of Guerrilla gardening projects.

So save the Easter lilies and all live plants from land fill waste and replant them somewhere else where they will happily grow! You’ll be recycling, saving land fill accumulation, and bring smiles to people that pass by your secret public gardening spot. What could be better?

Just remember that Easter lilies don’t naturally bloom at Easter. They bloom (depending on climate) anywhere from June to August, as far as Zone 2 hardiness zones (brrrr, that’s cold!).


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