Posted by: ceara08 | March 24, 2009

Web search blog link: How do Easter lilies feed themselves

This was yet another web search that got linked to my blog.

Let me help out here.

All Liliums that have the tell-tale scaly bulb, tall stem with fragrant tetrahedron flowers atop, are pretty much the same.

The bulb is where the magic happens.

The bulb is “fed” by the leaves during the growing season and when the foliage is left to die back naturally, all that goodness from the leaves and stem go down into the bulb as food to keep it going over winter so that it will sprout again in the spring.

Never cut the stem off Lilies until they’ve gone brown and brittle. Cut the dead stem about a few inches above soil level and leave it for over winter. Then the next spring, you should be able to pull out the stem stubble with ease. If you find any resistance, don’t continue to pull or you will yank up the whole bulb. Just wait and it will loosen up at the right time. *smile*

Visit the web links below to learn all about Lilies, and see just how easy they are to grow and propagate.

The North American Lily Society

Here are some of my Lilies. I have almost 200 bulbs of many different types of Lilium.

Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic Lilies


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