Posted by: ceara08 | March 31, 2009

New look

I decided to give the ‘ol blog some spring cleaning, and chose the current design out of the limited amount of templates available to choose from WordPress.

Don’t get me wrong, I love WordPress, but OMG there are just not enough decent looking free templates available. Would have preferred a nice green theme, and even tried one of the existing green themes, but found it SHOUTED too much green. It was literally a neon bright puke green.


So I picked this theme and replaced the header with something custom, and will be replacing the header as the seasons change or when I feel like it.

I cannot even use a regular template because this blog is on the freebie portion of WordPress and I have no access to change certain things without paying. And frankly we’re pretty poor with bills everywhere and we just barely make ends meet. So there’s no way I could afford a real blog on a real private server with a real URL address. I’m afraid we’re stuck with a cookie cutter style blog template, but at least we have a custom banner image at the top.

Soon, within the next two weeks we will be starting seeds indoors! YAY!

Need to get out and buy another bag of potting mix because we don’t have enough. I used a lot repotting many house plants, and split up plant babies and made cuttings to give away to friends.

Got to find all the seed trays in the basement, clean them up, organize the south facing unheated sun porch, get some new fluorescent bulbs to put over the seed trays, and finish folding a gazillion paper pots. The paper I’m using for the pots looks like blank sheet newspaper that we were given by the mover to pack our stuff from the last time we moved. Waste not, want not!

My Oxalis shamrock plant was overgrown in its pot. Some tubers were over 5 inches in length and the pot was absolutely packed with tubers, many of which didn’t even grow because there was no room. So I separated them all, and now have two large pots in the living room and one tiny pot in the kitchen window. Even gave some away! Oxalis is such a cheery plant.

Got some new cacti pups to pot up, probably tomorrow. They’ve been sitting out getting nice crusty ends and should be ready to make roots. They will go in teeny tiny clay pots until rooted.

So now that the house plants are all set for another year and Spring is coming, it will be time to start vegetable seeds. Will begin with veg that does not mind some cold, like Kale, Cabbage, Swiss Chard, possibly some Spinach and definitely some lettuces.


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