Posted by: ceara08 | April 3, 2009

Sowin’ some seeds!

Well I swore I would not start sowing seeds until next week. But could not wait! So I started some today.

Today we were blessed with temperature of 15 Celsius (around 60 F)! Wow! They only predicted 9 Celsius today. But hey, I’m not complaining! Anything to get rid of the blasted snow outside is welcome in my opinion. They have forecasted tons of rain for us though, due to hit later this evening and rain all night. Actually rain is forecasted for us pretty much for the next 10 days. But weather always changes.

35 to 50 millimeters of rain! So the conversion would be something like 1 inch equals 25 millimeters. That should melt a lot of snow! *crosses fingers*

But then of course we need to be prepared for the basement to flood so we will have to keep a late night vigil to make sure that if it does start to flood down there we will be around to take action.

Anyway, I started some seeds today. Here’s the list

Winterbor Kale from Veseys
Parel Cabbage from Veseys
Green Magic Spinach from Veseys
Classica tomatoes from Veseys
Early Broccoli from Veseys
Nigella – Love-in-a-Mist from seeds that I collected
Blue Flax from a seed trade
“Nora Barlow” Columbine from a trade
Eryngium Blue Sea Holly from a trade
Marigold from seeds I collected
Malva – a mix of Zebrina, Braveheart, and Mystic Merlin from a trade
Swiss Chard – heirloom, hoping to get the pink or red stem.

About three weeks ago I did some winter sowing of Delphiniums that I got in a trade, along with some Wild Leek seeds that I purchased from Gardens North. Neither one have made an appearance yet, but I should not give up hope.


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