Posted by: ceara08 | April 3, 2009

The Case against Heirloom Tomatoes

Scientific American recently published an article about heirloom tomatoes and of course mentioned Monsanto.

Montanto’s name is gently inserted in this article as if to imply they are a kindler, gentler company, merely concerned with the quality of our food.

Lies, all lies.

All Monsanto cares about is profit, plain and simple. They don’t want gardeners and farmers to be able to save seeds from crops to grow in a future season. Monsanto wants total control over all seeds so all gardeners are left with is less-than-quality flavor and low nutritional foods. But hey it will look “pretty!” Who cares about pretty when it comes to tomatoes. Who’s going to cry and complain that their tomatoes aren’t uniformly shaped? Taste is probably the #1 factor with tomatoes. Color and shape usually only matter to materialistic people.

Some of the best tomatoes I’ve ever eaten were not “pretty.” They were funky shaped and sometimes cracked. But the flavor! Cannot even compare a grocery store tomato with a heirloom tomato.

And whoever grew heirlooms and only got 2 fruits has something wrong with them. I have never seen a heirloom tomato plant produce less than 15-20 fruits, minimum.

Read this article from Scientific American:

How to Grow a Better Tomato: The Case against Heirloom Tomatoes

And check out two videos about mass marketed food called “Supermarket Secrets.” (Links below.) There you will find out how they really treat food that shows up on supermarket shelves. You will see just how little big business really cares about the food they sell, which isn’t very much. Yes I know the videos were made in Britain, but it is pretty much the same in North America.

I forget which part, but there is a section where they take mass produced tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes and offer them to buyers in a food market in Spain. The people make faces and say the mass produced fruit cannot even compare to the heirlooms.

It seems in North America the people really don’t know much about their food and where or how it’s grown. They’ve basically consented to be offered low quality food and they do not complain.

Forget the Coke and Pepsi challenge! More and more people need to get out there and have a heirloom vs. mass produced food taste test. Most people do not even get the chance to taste real food, for they are so removed from soil and anything that has to do with producing food. I imagine if more people had access to real food they would never turn back to the mass produced crap.

I guess I was lucky. When my siblings and I were young, my parents grew vegetables to save on the grocery bill. Fresh and tasty vegetables was all I knew. But not everyone is as fortunate.

Supermarket Secrets Part 1

Supermarket Secrets Part 2


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