Posted by: ceara08 | April 8, 2009

Tomato race!

And… they’re off!

Started a whole bunch more veg seeds today!

The tomato race is on. What will germinate first?

New heirlooms I got in a trade this year
Seeds I collected from new heirlooms I grew last year
Seeds purchased last year from Veseys and Greta’s Organic Gardens

We shall see I guess.

Here’s a list of what I started today:

San Marzano tomato – Organic/Purchased 2008 seeds
Roma VF tomato – Commercial seeds 2008 treated with Thiram (WTF is Thiram? Some sort of anti-fungal treatment)
Classica tomato – Purchased seeds 2008
Vilina tomato – from a trade 2009
Guido tomato – from a trade 2009
Italian Gold paste tomato – Organic/Purchased seeds 2008
Blanche du Quebec tomato – Organic/Purchased seeds 2008
Purple Prince tomato – seeds collected from 2008 crop of heirloom

More Spinach Green Magic – purchased 2008
Mei Qing Choi – Baby pak choi – purchased 2008
Chinese Cabbage Kasumi – purchased 2008
Broccoli – Early Dividend – purchased 2008
Rainbow Mix Swiss Chard – Organic/Purchased 2008
Silverado Swiss Chard – Purchased 2008
Perpetual Swiss Chard – Purchased 2008

And, from the last sowing, the following have made their first appearance!

1st Malva – mixed
2nd Broccoli Early Dividend
3rd Parel Cabbage
4th Kale

The Malva seeds were already a couple of years old, AND they germinated in relatively cool environment and were first, before any of the vegetables. Yay flowers!

If I’m up to it after supper (homemade spaghetti tonite!) I will sow some heirloom lettuces. But have been up since 6 am and didn’t sleep too well last night.

On a good note, I just finished watching last night’s episode of Fringe! Oh how I missed that show. Friggin Fox stopped airing Fringe in order to have American Idol. More like American Idle I say!! That show sucks. Fringe is much more entertaining.


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