Posted by: ceara08 | April 9, 2009

Evening lettuce sowing

Well I finally got around to sowing some lettuces and greens for salads! Just finished actually, and decided to sit down here to type it all in for the record, both on here and Folia. Check the link to Folia on the right side of this blog and click on the picture to go to my garden journal over there. And I got a nice cup of hot tea as well. *smile*

Some of these lettuce types are heirloom and I have to allow a few plants to make new seeds so I will not get to eat them all. But this first batch will get eaten for the most part until they start to bolt when it gets hot.

Here’s what was planted. I put them all into a long plastic window box type container, each type of seed got a 6 inch by 6 inch area to start growing. Some will live in that window box their whole lives and others will be pricked out and transplanted elsewhere.

Parris Island Cos Romaine lettuce – probably my all time favorite. Had some for lunch!
Corn Salad – a gourmet green
Mignonette bronze – heirloom
Tom Thumb – heirloom and seeds needed
Little Gem – heirloom and seeds needed

I think tomorrow will be a final sowing of seeds for a couple of weeks. Tomorrow I will sow mostly hot peppers but throw in a few miniature sweet bell peppers just to have something to toss on homemade pizzas once in a while.

Hot peppers will hopefully be made into some homemade salsa. I have been meaning to make a whole case of hot salsa the past few years but never got around to it. I’m determined to this year!!

Cool and cloudy weather all week. I really need to buy a new bulb for the shop light or else all these seedlings will get leggy without proper light.



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