Posted by: ceara08 | April 10, 2009

Tobacco, Hot Peppers and Shallots!

Well today I got another bag of seed starting mix and got busy! Also bought two new seed plug trays because the other ones were getting old, cracked and falling apart.

Here’s what I sowed today

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper
Explosive Ember Pepper
Beauty Zest Pepper
Torreon Pepper

All those are hot peppers! Also planted some miniature sweet bell peppers from seeds that I collected from grocery store peppers. I grew them last year too and saved seeds, which is what got planted today.

Then today the tobacco seeds finally arrived! Yay!

“Keller” tobacco from New Hope Seed company in Tennessee, USA.

Also got some “Ambition” shallots started. Never ate a shallot before but they should be yummy! I love anything from the onion family.

What’s left to sow? Well, I’m not really sure yet. I am supposed to be receiving a parcel from a guy who said he’s gonna make me think it’s Christmas in Spring. hehe So we shall see!

I am thinking about sowing those heirloom peas though today, but not real sure. I did some asking around if it’s too soon or what to start those indoors in the toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes. Haven’t gotten an answer yet though. My gut says I should go ahead and get those germinated. Maybe I will just put them in a plastic bag with a paper towel and start the germination and go from there. Perhaps I will just wait until tomorrow because I haven’t eaten dinner yet.

The other seeds I sowed last week are popping left and right. I will be taking pictures as soon as it stops being cloudy and I can get some decent shots with the camera.


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