Posted by: ceara08 | April 19, 2009

Dow sues Canadian government over Que.’s pesticide ban

OTTAWA — U.S. Dow AgroSciences has gone ahead with a threatened suit against the federal government under the North American Free Trade Agreement, seeking a repeal of Quebec’s ban on lawn pesticides containing 2,4-D and at least $2 million in damages.

William Amos, a lawyer for environmental organizations intervening in the case, urged the parties Thursday to move forward quickly in choosing the three-member NAFTA arbitration panel that will decide the case. It is urgent, he said, to remove a cloud over other provinces considering pesticide bans.

Dow’s claim asserts the ban is tantamount to “expropriation” of Dow investments, and accuses Canada of breaching “basic due process, transparency, good faith and natural justice.”

Dow says Quebec’s ban is not based on science, and should have been reviewed after the federal Health Canada pest-management regulatory agency declared 2,4-D safe if used as directed.

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Hey Dow – BOO HOO!!  Cry me a river!  Your product got banned because people DO NOT WANT CHEMICALS ALL AROUND THEIR HOME JUST BECAUSE YOU PROMOTE AND ADVERTISE IT.  You’re just angry because your profit margin isn’t as high as you’d like it.


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