Posted by: ceara08 | April 29, 2009

No More Plastic Bags

No more plastic bags.


The newest trend is to no longer offer the plastic sacks at the grocery store.   They still have the bags, but are hidden down below the counter, and charge you 5 cents for every bag you take.  My most recent grocery shopping trip ended up costing me 5 cents.  The store where I did most of my shopping has not yet started charging for bags and I bought the majority of what I needed from there,  only because they had the best prices for last week.  But the other store is the only place in town where I get my dog food, because no one else sells it.  It’s made from lamb and isn’t chock full of corn.  One of my dogs is allergic to corn.  I do not need a plastic bag for the giant bag of dog food, but I bought a couple of small items there also for making fudge.  The cashier and the sacker both asked for my bags and I said I didn’t have any, and they proceeded to put on an air of snobbery that I didn’t have my fancy schmancy corporate logo bags purchased from them to carry home my purchases.

I said, “Yeah I know you are charging for that bags and that’s bad enough.  But I don’t have any bags with me.”  Then the cashier sighed and said, “Well we will have to charge you for the bag.”

Part of me likes this idea, but the other part of me hates it, for I see the snobbery and corporate greed at it yet again.

Why do I hate it?  Well, first of all I use those grocery store sacks to put in my garbage that isn’t recyclable.  Stuff like milk bags.  (Here in Canada, milk comes in plastic sealed bags.)  We burn most paper and cardboard and use it to start fires in our wood burning stove that we use to heat the house in winter.  We have a property of 100 acres and collect our own firewood and manage our forest.   We prefer heating with wood rather than pay corporate assholes for the basement furnace heating oil.  That furnace hasn’t been operated in well over a year now, and we couldn’t be happier.  (Although we do need to dress in layers to help keep warm.)

Anyway, we use those grocery store bags in a little receptacle under the sink to collect unrecyclable garbage.  What can’t be burned, recycled or tossed into the compost bin goes into regular garbage.

So if the stores aren’t going to be giving away free plastic bags what will we use for garbage bags?  We will end up buying plastic garbage bags.  The whole idea is ridiculous!   Either way plastic bags will still end up in the landfill, for our location has no other way to dispose garbage.

On top of that, the local municipality won’t dump the garbage from the curb unless it’s contained in plastic bags.  Try to find the logic in that!

So it’s come down to either paying 5 cents for every bag and continue on as before, or spend approximately the same amount for garbage bags in a box from the store.

I’m not going to buy those corporate logo bags from the store either.  Screw that.  I will not promote the grocery store by displaying the logo to show where I bought my stuff.  Until the grocery stores begin to give away FREE bags, depending on how much you spend (like get one free bag for every $50), I won’t participate in this scheme.

Or until I can find a cheap source of decent, strong bags with no logo or fancy design from an online retailer that sells in Canada.  I have yet to find one.

Another complaint is our local municipality stopped taking our garbage because we were not using one of those fancy, large bins with the hinged lid.  We were supposed to have received a letter stating this change, but we never received any notice whatsoever.  So I went to price a new, approved garbage can and they are selling for $100!  WTF?  $100 for PLASTIC.  This was about a month ago.  We’ve been collecting a bit of garbage since then and now really need to get a new garbage can.

I happened to head to Canadian Tire to get some Pro Mix for my seedlings because it was on sale, and almost half price of the other stores for the same size bag and brand.  While there, I noticed a number of large garbage cans of the kind that we needed to buy and they were only priced at $65.  That’s still to expensive for plastic in my opinion, but it is a lot cheaper than the other places.

While I am generally not against being kind to the environment, I am against these corporate assholes who are making a giant profit over “going green.”  They pay mass media to spread fear and promote their agenda.

When I was young, all the grocery stores used paper bags.  Then comes out, “Oh no, our forests are being depleted! What shall we ever do?  Oh I know, let’s make plastic!”

Then everyone remembers what came next.

“Paper or plastic?”

There’s an answer to the paper problem – GROW HEMP.   An acre of hemp takes 6 months to mature and needs almost no chemicals sprayed on it.  Whereas an acre of trees takes 20 years to mature.  Do the math people.

Now we’re in an “oil crisis” and of course all plastic is derived from oil.

Everywhere we turn, some giant corporation is either manipulating or conspiring for these social changes and then profiting from it all.

Well my little protest will consist of re-using the stash of plastic bags I have in my closet at the grocery stores.  I am not a loyal shopper and will go where the prices are the best each week.  And if that means I will provide competing store bags for them to sack my groceries, so be it.

Want to know the best part?  In our area, there is a place for people to go ice fishing in winter.  They set up their little shacks – made out of PLASTIC.  On the way to the store last week, I saw a shack still sitting out there, teetering almost on the edge of melting ice, and about to fall in the bay.

Now if they care about the environment enough to get rid of plastic grocery store bags and insist that everyone use a special garbage can, why in the hell do they allow hillbillies to put out ice fishing shacks on the ice and never remove the plastic?  There are so many types of whales that breed in the bay, along with seals and multitudes of sea birds.


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