Just a regular person trying to survive in today’s world. I figure the proverbial sh** is about to hit the fan and thus want to be prepared in as many ways as possible. And that includes vegetable gardening, learning as I can about several topics like sourdough bread making, food preservation, frugal living and many other things.

I LOVE LOVE to grow Liliums.  Most of my flowers are Liliums and there are approximately 100 different colours of Lilies out in the front yard.  There are some other types of flowers, and the majority of them are perennials.  I don’t like messing with annuals too much.  Any annuals out there self seed.  I weed the extras but leave a few here and there.

Yes we have a large front lawn.  Anyone want to come help mow?  lol  A nice chunk of that front lawn is going to be dug up in 2008 to provide more vegetable growing.  The lawn is south facing and just prime for sun-loving plants.

I’m always on the lookout to trade with others, but it has to be within Canada.  Seeds and live plants usually don’t make it through customs.



  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Thank you!

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