Growing Challenge

Growing Challenge

Growing Challenge

Well I will be lazy on this page and just copy/paste the info from the original blog.  Click on the picture above to go to that blog, or click the link below.

For a quick idea on what this is about, the challenge is to grow something you’ve never grown before. Vegetables, that is. Nothing shady or illegal, please! Only good ‘ol nutritious vegetables and cooking herbs that you grow all by yourself, with the help of nature of course!

I meant to grow Kohlrabi last year as part of my challenge. But Veseys sent the seeds way too late (those seeds were backordered). This year Kohlrabi for sure is going in the ground, hopefully along with some other new-to-me vegetables like leeks and heirloom potatoes and true potato seeds. *crosses fingers*

Growing Challenge

So, here’s the copy/pasted data. Enjoy!

Here are the Rules of The Growing Challenge:


Grow one additional type of fruit or vegetable than you did last year, and grow it from seed. If you’ve never grown anything, well, grow one thing! If you’ve never grown beans or carrots or lettuce or strawberries, try one of those…. And if you don’t have a garden, you can grow in a pot or on a window sill – see Gardening 101: Ordering Seeds for links about how. The goal is to push ourselves to grow a little more food than we have before.


If rule #1 is not enough of a challenge for you, you may make your own rules. For example, I’m going to grow two fruits and three veggies more than I did last year.


Post about gardening once each week. This could be a post about researching different plants, ordering seeds, buying pots, digging beds, planting the seeds, pruning, adding compost, all the way to preparing a meal that includes the food you grew. Please include “Growing Challenge” in the name of the posts – and/or have a Growing Challenge tag in your sidebar – so we can all find them! Also, if you link to this page, the trackback function will list all our posts together right here, for easy access. (If you don’t have a blog, feel free email me a blurb about your gardening progress and/or leave a comment in the weekly Growing Challenge Check-Ins.)


Check In. Every week I will write a check-in post at 1 Green Generation. Please come comment and let everyone know what you’re up to – this is a really great way to learn from one another!!


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