Seed Trials for 2009

From Salt Spring Seeds / Seed and plant sanctuary for Canada

Pole dry Bean – Don Collins
Pole Bean – Brita’s Foot Long
Pole Bean – Ricci’s

Little Gem – mini romaine type lettuce
Tom Thumb – mini butterhead type lettuce

From Grungy’s Garden

Vilina – Det. tomato, to 2 oz Red Round 60-70 days
Guido – Indet. tomato, 2 pound +, Red Oblate
(They gave me “Joe’s Portguese” tomato also, but a friend thought it would be neat to grow them, so I gave him the seeds.)

From Dave – American Gardener

Phaseolus vulgaris:

Climbing Pinto
Columbia Pinto
Cortez Pinto

Pisum Santivum – Peas

Non-Plus Ultra (4 different sources)
NE Plus Ultra – only one bag

I will be comparing the Non-Plus Ultra with the NE Plus Ultra and check for any differences.  NE Plus ultra was featured in the BBC television show (now on DVD) “The Victorian Kitchen Garden.”

Check blog for postings later in season, photos will be included.


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