Wild Edibles Food Project

This year my new goal is to learn as much as possible about wild edible foods in my area.

It is somewhat new, this endeavor, that I just decided to work on for 2009.  The idea came quite suddenly when out of nowhere I decided to look up what certain wild berries grow on the property.  There are local names for berries and plants that do not correspond with scientific Latin genome/species lists, which made looking them up on Google images almost impossible.

Some wild plants that I know for sure grow locally are

High bush Cranberry
Wild lowbush Blueberry
Wild Strawberry
Wild red Raspberry

During some research I burst into tears for no good reason, but then realised that there was so much wild edible foods on our property and yet I did not even begin to think of them as edible, like the Fireweed.

Then I thought, wow, just how much money could we save by eating wild edibles?  Not only do we not have to actively tend these plants, but many are just within a short walk of the house.  All we need are a couple of baskets.  Maybe I will have to learn to make my own.

Nature truly is awesome.  There is bounty everywhere, if only we took the time to learn about it all.

I encourage everyone during these economic downtimes to learn as much as possible about wild foraging.  Read, read and read some more.  There are great sources on YouTube and all over the internet.  I will post some as soon as I can get the links organized.  But we have to play it smart.  We can’t just grab everything we see.  We need to conserve.  Leave some behind for someone else and leave some behind to make sure the plants continue to grow.  Don’t be selfish!  Learn how to propagate by seeds or divisions.  Propagate and replant.  Spread plants and guerrilla garden!

Grocery store prices are getting higher and higher.  4 litres of milk is now almost $6 in Canada, the government regulates the price.   I can’t stand going to the grocery store any more and dread the days we have to go.  We do not even buy junk food or sodas!  Well once in a blue moon we get peckish for a fizzy drink, but I hope to soon remedy that by making our own.  90% of our meals are made from scratch here at home.   But we also refuse to eat quick or processed foods.  Sure those are cheaper, but you’re not getting any nutrition.  Just empty calories with loads of salt and modified ingredients.  Then there are GMO foods…  Yikes!

Yet when I am in the grocery store, I see people buying junk.  Packaged cakes, cookies, chips, doughnuts, pies, etc.  Taco kits, Mac & Cheese boxes, frozen dinners, chicken strips and preformed burger patties.  Barely any fresh veg or fruit.  Some people buy juice but that’s about as close as they ever get to real fruit.   There’s a local health food store but it’s so small!  I went there hoping to get a glass carboy for some homemade wine and cider.  But nooooo, they don’t even stock those.  *sigh*  Thank goodness for the internet and mail order!

And those people who have not prepared for “just in case” scenarios are going to be freaking out if the grocery supply lines ever go down.  They will starve, because they have no knowledge.  People like us who have gardens will be targets for those who have nothing.  But there is always something good to eat provided by nature, if only we had the knowledge.   How did we ever lose it?  What has happened to us as a species?


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